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Notice of Funding Opportunity Announced

Attention CoC Partners, Community Members and Friends

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has announced a Supplemental Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for FY22 specifically to address unsheltered homelessness. This is separate from and in addition to the regular CoC NOFO, which has not yet been released by HUD.

As the Collaborative Applicant and Unified Funding Agency, Strategies to End Homelessness is responsible for submitting a community-wide application and all project applications for this supplemental funding.

There are some differences with this funding than recent CoC Notice of Funding Opportunities, including:

  • The potential for funding new SSO projects

    • Street Outreach

    • Coordinated Entry

    • Stand-alone SSO (examples: Landlord Engagement, Safe Parking, Managed Camping)

The grant term must be 3 years. Both annual and quarterly reporting is required.

HUD will prefer projects:

  • Partnering with the local public housing authority to provide funding outside of CoC dollars

  • Leveraging resources of funding or health services from the main stream healthcare community

  • Given a letter of support by a working group of persons with lived experience of homelessness

CoCs are allowed to apply for up to their CoC’s Preliminary Pro-Rata Need (PPRN) or $60,000,000, whichever is lower. OH-500’s PPRN is $14,111,873 for the 3-year term (~$4.7M annually). This funding is highly competitive. If we submit even one project application, the expectation is that there will be extensive community planning and support required.

Notice of Intent to Apply

  • Linked here is our local Notice of Intent to Apply for New Projects pursuant to FY2022 HUD Supplemental Notice to the Continuum of Care Program Competition for Unsheltered Homelessness.

  • The Steering Team of the Homeless Clearinghouse has suggested that our community prioritize newly applying projects under this supplemental Notice of Funding Opportunity that align with our community’s CoC Strategic Plan, which was very recently updated at a Planning meeting in June 2022. Our Strategic Plan Pillars that particularly align with this Supplemental NOFO to Address Unsheltered Homelessness include Coordinated Entry Refinement; Landlord Engagement; and Improvements to Supportive Services.

  • New projects seeking funding under the FY22 Supplemental Unsheltered Notice of Funding Opportunity should fully complete the Intent to Apply for Supplemental Unsheltered Homelessness Projects and return to STEH via email by noon on Tuesday August 16th at

  • Please note that organizations wishing to submit an application for a new project pursuant to this supplemental notice must also participate in a meeting with Strategies to End Homelessness to discuss the project details.

  • The deadline for that meeting will be Wednesday August 31st 2022. If selected to apply for funding, organizations will provide additional information to STEH for completion of project applications in HUD’s eSNAPs portal.

  • Please note that this is separate from HUD’s NOFO for the Main 2022 CoC competition. We will post deadlines and requirements for the main NOFO once HUD releases them.

New Agencies Welcome

Strategies to End Homelessness welcomes agencies who are new to HUD’s CoC Program Competition Funds. Please contact us for more detail or if you have questions

Existing partners, please share this information with any new agencies who you know may be interested. Please note that timely return of your project’s Notice of Intent to Apply does not guarantee funding.


  • More information and resources for this Supplemental NOFO can be found on HUD Exchange on the CoC Program Supplemental NOFO to Address Unsheltered and Rural Homelessness page.

Feel free to contact STEH at if you have questions.

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